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Jesus said: "I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full". 

John 10:10

Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of God and the second person of the Holy Trinity. He is more than just a great religious teacher who lived many years ago. Though he was fully human with human emotions, experiences and a physical body, he also remained fully God, unchanging in his lordship and deity.

In Jesus, the Creator God has revealed himself to a fallen, sinful and lost people, and because of the perfect obedience of Jesus, through his death and his resurrection, we have access to the free gift of salvation. Faith in Jesus brings new life, hope and freedom, both now and for eternity.


In the search for meaning and purpose, Jesus pointed to himself as the answer. “I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10). On this page you will find a collection of resources to support and encourage you in your journey of getting to know Jesus better. We invite you to explore and draw near to Him.

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The Chosen.

The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season series based on the true stories of the gospels of Jesus Christ. The free show that tens of millions of people won’t stop talking about!


The Chosen is a brilliant way to ‘watch’ the New Testament stories of Jesus, instead of ‘just’ reading them.  It’s a first class quality production including some of the best Hollywood actors, directors and filmmakers. 

Watch for free online using the link below or on Netflix.

Get to know Jesus
Try Alpha!

Alpha is an environment for anyone and everyone who wants to explore life and the Christian faith, ask questions, and share their point of view.


The Alpha talks explore the big issues of life and faith, addressing questions like “Who is Jesus?”, “Why and how do I pray?” and “How does God guide us?” 


It's a chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic in a group, though there’s no obligation to say anything and there’s nothing you can’t say (seriously).

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For more information and resources about Jesus and the Bible, head to our Resources page.

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