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A social group for those without responsibility of children.

Good Company activities are an open invitation to folk who no longer have the responsibility of young children or who are able to join us on a weekend when the don't have their children. Our vision is to offer an opportunity to connect with others to have fun together as well as caring for one another.

2024 Dates: 

March 16th

Fish n Chips at Doug’s Seafood Sandgate.  


April 20th  

Victoria Park Golf Club 


May 18th 

Ashgrove Golf Club.


June 22nd 

Ten Pin Bowling 


July 13th  

Brisbane Open House guided tour. 


Aug 17th 

Tinchi Tambo Wetlands. 

Sep 21st 

The Garden Café at Roma St Parklands 


Oct 19th 

Progressive Dinner.  


Nov 16th 

City Cat Heritage Trail ride. 

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