Dear church family,


If you are like me, you are missing meeting together already! I love church and gathering together. Thankfully, this season is only a season. It’s really tough, we feel the losses, but it will come to an end. Imagine the first Sunday when we can gather again – what a day!


In the meantime, we want to make the most of the current season we are in. It will mean connecting in new ways, jumping into technology we might normally avoid. But our online modes really are the best way to keep in touch. 


You are probably aware, but I wanted to confirm that the church staff are all working from home now. Thanks to our online platforms, we are able to function well as a team and serve the body of Christ. So let me update you on our communication streams for this new season. 



  • You can call the office on our same number 38514237 and Ros or Sandy will answer.

  • The office phone will be manned between 9.30am – 4.30pm, Tuesday-Thursday. 



  • Weekly newsletter: With the cessation of our paper newsletter, our weekly email will have all the week's news and be sent out each Thursday or Friday. Please read our newsletter thoroughly to stay informed. 

  • Grove Kids: Pastor Leigh will email parents each week with the latest news, and information about kids connecting online Sunday afternoons.

  • Grove Youth: Bek will email parents and message our youth to keep them informed about youth online hangouts.

  • Special notices: We will send extra emails in this season to share important information or promote specific online events.

  • Email us: You can email us about anything at or if you have a prayer request email 



  • The website gives general information about all church ministries.

  • It’s also an important place to access sermons, ZOOM prayer meeting links, live stream service link, COVID 19 updates, giving etc.  



  • Texting is a helpful way to get information out quickly. For example, the last two weeks we have texted the link to our live stream service.

  • We will also send texts to share important information or to link you to a video news blog (vlog) 


  • The Grove has a YouTube channel. If you search for our church by name, you can subscribe to The Grove and the channel will always be in your side panel and easy to access. You will need to sign up for a YouTube free account to subscribe, but that will also enable you to comment in our live stream services. 



  • Social media is a space where masses of people gather. It’s so important churches have a presence there. If you don’t already, please follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page so that you get our updates in your feed.



  • We have three weekly ZOOM prayer meetings that you can access through the website:  Wednesday morning, Sunday morning and afternoon. 

  • AFTER CHURCH ZOOM. We would like to trial a gathering after church on Sunday. From 10.45am you can jump into the ZOOM church building. From that big space we are able to create breakout groups to chat with smaller groups. This week we will try a random breakout. That’s where ZOOM will put you in a group of 5 for 5-10 minutes before rejoining the main group. 



  • We are seeking to share less news at our live stream service to focus more on worship, the Word, sharing the gospel and encouraging faith. That means we will be texting out a link each week to access a Grove News video blog. 



  • The QB director of services, Stewart Pieper, has provided helpful direction to churches on the new restrictions. Consequently, we are developing new methods which will include streaming many things from our homes. 

  • Our worship team prerecorded around ten songs before restrictions were put in place, which gives us a small repertoire to access for our services.


I hope the above list is helpful in understanding the variety of communication streams. If you need any clarification don’t hesitate to contact us. If you need to update email addresses or mobile numbers please email them to us. 


God bless and I look forward to connecting soon!