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This Christmas we have decided to partner with Baptist World Aid in their Hope for All Christmas Appeal.

COVID affects us all… but it’s not affecting us equally.

Some of the team at Baptist World Aid conducted a study earlier this year on how COVID-19 has affected children in countries such as Uganda. Of almost 1,000 children surveyed, many said they’re experiencing more feelings of worry and anxiety, absence from education and study, and growing concern because of a loss of family income and food insecurity.

Children in a Pandemic, in other words, are more vulnerable than ever before. The risks are real for children to experience exploitation, child marriage and hunger

For children experiencing difficulties, your generous Christmas gifts mean the fullness of life God intends. It means an opportunity to go to school, for their families to learn how to grow produce for themselves and to sell. It means with an education an opportunity for a better future and an opportunity to end the poverty cycle.

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